MMOexp: A Fishing Guide Making Gold in WoW Cataclysm Classic

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Gamerzone created the topic: MMOexp: A Fishing Guide Making Gold in WoW Cataclysm Classic
Hey everyone, if you're diving back into World of Warcraft and aiming to bolster your gold reserves, I've got a fantastic hustle for you. Fishing, once overshadowed by bots and waning popularity, is making a comeback in the WoW Cataclysm Gold era. Today, I'll guide you through some lucrative fishing spots and strategies to help you reel in that gold.

Why Fishing?

Fishing is a versatile gathering profession that doesn't require sacrificing a primary profession slot. It's a low-stress activity, perfect for unwinding while watching videos or listening to music. With no combat involved, it's a relaxing farm that can yield substantial profits.

The Fishing Spots:

1. Whelgar's Excavation Site (Wetlands)

A high-level area where you can fish Deviate Fish. These can be cooked into Savory Deviate Delight, a highly sought-after consumable with a significant profit margin. On average, you can earn 500-700 gold per hour fishing here, with raw fish selling for 4-6 gold per unit and cooked fish for 5-7 gold per unit.

2. Dragonblight (Northrend)

In Dragonblight, focus on catching Dragonfin Angelfish. When cooked, these create Dragonfin Filets, a favorite among agility-based classes. Additionally, you'll also catch Pygmy Suckerfish, used in various potions. Keep an eye on the market fluctuations to maximize your profits.

Tips and Tricks:

Better Fishing Addon: Utilize addons like Better Fishing to streamline your fishing experience, allowing you to keybind casts and interact with bobber abilities efficiently.
Profession Leveling: If you haven't already, consider leveling your cooking profession to 400. It's beneficial for crafting lucrative consumables and saves time when diving into Cataclysm content.
Fishing Dailies: Don't forget to complete fishing dailies, which can reward you with epic gems, pets, gold, and valuable items like Cantrips. These can be a consistent source of income.
Fishing Pools: Target fishing pools in Northrend for a chance to catch rare items, including the Sea Turtle mount.


Fishing in WoW Cataclysm Classic isn't just a leisure activity—it's a profitable venture for savvy players. By focusing on high-demand fish and utilizing cooking to create valuable consumables, you can steadily accumulate gold for your Cataclysm endeavors.

So, if you found this guide helpful in your cheap WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold -making journey, don't forget to like and subscribe for more tips and tricks. Happy fishing, and may your nets be forever full of treasure!

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