This ignited a massive influx of fresh alts

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LisaAE created the topic: This ignited a massive influx of fresh alts
World of Warcraft can be complicated at times due to wow gold player base. Some players want something, others need another, and it becomes harder and harder to find the millions of gamers to concur. One thing that a lot of the player base seems to agree on, however, is the better, the characters. World of Warcraft allows up to 50 characters, with the per-realm limit being 10, and it is a frequent complaint for players to request much more (though 50 characters certainly sounds like more than sufficient ).

However, with those figures, how can you get them all to maximum level? World of Warcraft provides lots of approaches to enhance this -- XP potions, heirloom gear, even buyable character boosts -- but 120 amounts is much to make it through no matter what you've got to help out. That's a part of why Blizzard turned so many heads with the event they have been operating for the last couple of months or so. To help support players to remain at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Blizzard provided double-XP for many players online servers. While Classic players were not able to benefit this (which could defeat the entire purpose of Classic anyway), anybody playing the Battle for Azeroth servers were.

This ignited a massive influx of fresh alts, as players were able to level pretty quickly, particularly with a complete pair of heirlooms and the War Mode experience enthusiast on as well. Now, however, it is coming a conclusion, with April 20th -- just players are not wanting it to end. On social media across Reddit and Twitter, fans are requesting Blizzard to expand the event. We still aren't much nearer, if closer whatsoever, to the conclusion of isolation and self-quarantine, so having the event extended would nevertheless function as a great boost for gamers still stuck indoors.

Some have even called for it to be extended indefinitely, since it gets the leveling up process considerably faster, making the journey through old expansions and content an easier grind. It's better for dungeons, where the significant experience reward in the end goes twice as far.Blizzard has not commented on this recently, and it remains to be seen when the player base will have their prayers answered. One thing is for sure, it would go a long way to make the phases of more interesting to buy wow classic gold . Hopefully Blizzard listens to their fanbase and goes the event to get a couple more weeks.

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