Destiny 2 basically revises this mechanic to propose a more open

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gameboostalt created the topic: Destiny 2 basically revises this mechanic to propose a more open
The old players will remember the patrols with fierce hatred, very similar contents to be repeated to tape to get few rewards. Destiny 2 basically revises this mechanic to propose a more open and varied management of things to do. There is the possibility to explore the game areas far and wide to discover hidden dungeons and bosses, look at each corner to get extra cash and rewards, but also take part in particularly difficult public events and keep yourself active between a mission and the other. Destiny 2 does not seem to want to propose a linear path and, indeed, pushes the player to fully live each planet before moving on to the next.

The missions of history, now narrated in a more clear and exciting way, must be alternated with secondary activities since they require a minimum level to be addressed, which is not achieved by the simple experience obtained by following the campaign. So take your time and play with the Destiny universe, do not run and savor everything that the new progression offers you, with due calm and genuine curiosity. A different way to deal with the growth of the character than you used to be: certainly deeper and more complete.

One of the most tedious things about the first Destiny was undoubtedly the need to jump from one point to another on the map, always passing from the orbit of the reference planet. Destiny 2 finally gives a clean cut to this mechanic leaving it exclusively for the change of planet or for the passage to the crucible, entrusting instead the movements in the same zone to the rapid journeys. Buy Destiny 2 Boost services, check out which is a professional game boosting services website.

Of course, there is still the possibility of walking freely or using a goshawk, but the public events that appear randomly for the various zones have a clearly visible timer, allowing you to plan your strategies with due calm. If growth is therefore exceptional and even more beautiful than that of the first chapter, leaving us the biggest question mark at the moment is the end game and we are very curious to know how the advanced raids, the Assaults and the Crucible will be structured high levels. In short, the heart of the game is pumping at full blast and it will be difficult to disappoint even veterans, who, at least in our opinion, could take this step almost with their eyes closed, certain of finding everything that made them fall in love three years ago in a version improved and modernized.

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